BBC: An Unholy Row

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2 Responses to BBC: An Unholy Row

  1. Quintas says:

    I was on/off participant in NKT in London for over 10 years, have met some well meaning people and teachers. More recently attended FP at Bexhill centre where during the last 2.5 years witnessed hushed changes of resident teachers. Reasons for sudden, almost overnight changes were always kept secret, though later I was told they were due to funds misappropriation or sexual misconduct by the given RT. I later discovered that on one occasion RT and many of his students were expelled when the NKT head management illegally imposed its own governance on the independent charity status of the centre.
    New RT since beginning of 2014 is really only interested in increasing NKT revenues and her own personal development.
    FP classes have no continuity and she is away a lot attending her retreats or other events. Lay, inexperienced people, who took no vows and have no knowledge of Dharma do substitude as teachers on GP and FP classes. My general observation is that there is a number of people in NKT, teachers and students alike who have deep emotional ( mental) traumas, lack of basic moral understanding and therefore centres propagate culture of secrecy, gossip, self grasping, insincerity, lying, xenophobia and lack of true spiritual faith. NKT organisation cares for their financial revenues and the growth of their already vast global property portfolio. It makes me wonder who does really is behind the NKT vast emporium. A spiritual charity ?

    • Thank you for your comment and for sharing your experiences!

      It makes me wonder who does really is behind the NKT vast emporium. A spiritual charity ?

      Its a one man enterprise. You know who the man is, don’t you?

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